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Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is very important for anyone using the internet,but it’s especially important for teachers and their students. As we move further into this society where technology is everywhere, it is crucial for us as teachers to explain what digital citizenship is to our students. Digital citizenship is essentially digital etiquette, the do’s and don’ts when you’re online.

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We preach to our students how important it is to treat others with respect in the real world, but until recently there was no one teaching kids that the same goes when using digital platforms. I think most of us are aware with the term cyberbullying, but do we really understand why it happens? I believe that it is easier for kids to say something mean to someone else while hiding behind a screen. They do not have to be held immediately accountable for the things they say and that can be a scary thing. So, we need to make sure we are teaching our students that it’s never okay to bully anyone in any setting, but also that they should stand up for themselves and others if they witness it happen while they are online. It’s bound to happen, and they need to know they have every right to stand up against the bullying.

I think that cyberbullying is probably the most important take away from researching the term ‘digital citizenship,’ but there are some other takeaways. One article I read explained that it is encouraged for our students to educate others while they’re using technology. Some students will succeed more than others when they are using the internet, or chat rooms, or social media, and those students should help those who struggle. It is important for all of our youth to be digitally literate.


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