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Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is very important for anyone using the internet,but it’s especially important for teachers and their students. As we move further into this society where technology is everywhere, it is crucial for us as teachers to explain what digital citizenship is to our students. Digital citizenship is essentially digital etiquette, the do’s and don’tsContinue reading “Digital Citizenship”


Personal Learning Network

Personal learning networks are very important and they are everywhere. A personal learning network (PLN) is a network made up of people with the same interests and goals. It is used to share information, experiences, or even just fun things with a group of people. The most common PLN these days are achieved online throughContinue reading “Personal Learning Network”

‘Hackschooling’ Reflection

After watching Logan LaPlante’s Ted Talk about hackschooling, I felt excited. I felt excited for the future of education, and also my future as a teacher. I think there are some very important things that don’t get talked about in school, and it’s a shame. LaPlante talks about how the schools are so focused onContinue reading “‘Hackschooling’ Reflection”

What is Digital Literacy?

It is fair to assume that we all know what it means to be ‘literate’, and we all know that ‘digital’ directly correlates to technology. Digital Literacy is a little bit more complicated than just combining those two words. Cornell University defines Digital Literacy as ” the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and createContinue reading “What is Digital Literacy?”